Protect our Big Bend values! Upcoming Special election in FL District 7

Help elect a State Representative with a bold vision and the moral conviction for an economy where no one is left behind. 

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The Platform

Serving Others

Ryan Terrell has devoted his life’s work to helping the little guy and gal. As a part of this community for almost a decade, Ryan’s record is one of placing the needs of others and our community above all else. After a recent serious health battle, he has emerged renewed in his faith and his purpose to work tirelessly for the people who are being forgotten or left behind.

Revitalize our Communities

With Rep. Halsey Beshears leaving the seat early, we need a voice in Tallahassee that understands the way to make our communities competitive in a worldwide economy is to address the root causes of community decay; including the lack of upward mobility, gainful employment, crime, education and access to food, quality healthcare and a strong transit network.

Get Involved

Ryan can't win this race without your help! Canvassing, phonebanking, word-of-mouth, editorials, and donating are all ways of helping us achieve our goal together.


Show the corrupt cronies of the status quo that North Florida is done with business as usual in our state! Ryan Terrell has always had our back, lets show him that we have his. Give today!

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